With the passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA), the field of air quality has grown in scope and complexity by affecting a greater number of facilities and placing more emphasis on self-reporting and compliance demonstration. Managing a business under these conditions requires better information and the help of an experienced partner.

Environmental Engineering Studies Company's (EES) engineers and scientists have been providing a broad range of air quality services for more than 26 years. This experience has given us the historical perspective to provide insightful interpretations of federal, state, and local regulatory programs, leading to the full assessment of permitting and compliance options for our clients.

EES's air quality experts have experience working with a wide range of private and public sector clients, including the chemical, petroleum, forest products, metals, oil and gas, automotive, and electronics industries; electric utilities; federal government agencies; law firms; and waste treatment companies. This website presents EES's air quality consulting and engineering capabilities and our experience in helping our clients address Air Quality issues that impact their operations through services such as:

• Emission inventory development
• Air pollution engineering
• Air quality permitting and compliance services, including Clean Air Act regulatory analysis
• Regulatory compliance planning, including monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting
• Conformity analyses
• Ambient air impact analysis
• Air toxics and health risk assessment
• Risk management planning and evaluation of accidental releases
• Database management services