Corporate Profile

EES draws on over 26 years of experience in environmental science and engineering to provide a comprehensive range of air quality environmental services. We apply a unique blend of technical disciplines and management consulting services that results in focused professional support to address our clients' requirements. EES's scientists, engineers, and technical specialists design and implement cost-effective solutions to achieve environmental compliance; conserve natural resources; control air pollution; and protect public health and safety. Projects ranging in scope from several thousand to millions of dollars are effectively managed by our professionals

In a constantly changing industry, EES remains at the forefront providing dynamic and innovative approaches and solutions to air quality environmental challenges.

People are our most important asset. Our ability to provide high-quality services is attributed to our outstanding staff. EES's professionals are leaders in their respective fields with advanced degrees in engineering or the sciences.

Commitment to Quality

Because customer satisfaction is the measure of a firm's success, EES stresses quality performance in every aspect of our business from recruitment of staff to maintaining state-of-the-art technologies to enhance our product delivery capability. We are successful because we understand the value of long-term relationships that are built on competence, reliability, and trust. Each of our project managers practice this commitment to customer satisfaction every day.